When you are creating an Instagram post or writing your next blog post are you thinking “Am I doing this whole content thing correctly?”.

More than likely you are giving a decent effort to create content, but the issue is in the fact you are not getting the results you desire.

Do not worry! These results happen throughout the industry.

Doing it “Right”, requires a decent amount of planning, a vision, time, and of course effort. And I know it’s tough, you are already serving and attracting clients. But in todays marketing world you have to keep pushing and creating.

As I have been serving my clients I have been asking them if I could take a look at their digital presence and what I found is that they making the common mistakes I have been seeing across the industry.

Common Mistake #1. Not Doing Enough

One thing I noticed is that the content they are posting was really great information, however they were not posting nearly enough. I am sure that you have some valuable content on your social media, blog, or website.

However, with my clients they are not posting nearly enough.

Do you know that a poorly maintained digital presence sends a devastating message to potential clients! A potential client who notices that you have not updated anything for a while will assume that you are no longer in business. Even if you are in business they might give you a chance but will not view you as serious someone who keeps publishing new content.

The Solution?

Here are two ways to overcome not posting doing enough. One is being constant with a posting schedule… And sticking to it!. For instance, you make Mondays, about the community, Wednesdays about client experience, and Fridays about an open house you have this weekend. This will show potential clients that you are active and care more just the sale of a property. However this will take time to schedule which leads me to…

Two, If you are feeling overwhelmed hire a copywriter or a freelancer to manage your content creation for you. This will ensure you establish and maintain a constant brand, and a steady flow of content.

If you don’t think you have enough to say you do! A great way to gather ideas is to use the Notes app on your phone to just quickly jot down any topic ideas as you think of them throughout the day. When clients ask the tough questions those are also great topics to talk about. More than likely another current or potential client might have the same question! Lastly, share your the list with your copywriter/freelancer to help execute it!

Common Mistake #2. Bad Headlines

Our clients are inundated with content. According to Nielsen.com our potential client base spends nearly half a day every day interacting with some sort of media. So when you’re writing a blog of social media post you are fighting fo their attention amongst the noise. A well thought out synopsis of our topic won’t cut it any more.

You are spending time & money creating content, so make sure it is compelling for the reader!

The Solution?

Create a title that is specific over generic.

I wouldn’t make all your titles click-bait style headlines, but you want to perk your clients interests making it almost impossible for someone not to click on it. Another good way to peak a clients interests is to ask a question in the title. The title for this post is a great example “Are you Making Mistakes”, this taps into the clients throughout process and makes them wonder if they are making mistakes. Try it!

Common Mistake #3. Falling Short of “WOW”

Not So much a mistake but more so a missed opportunity.

So often we want to finish with a project and move on to the next project we fail to think about how we can turn an ordinary post, or blog into a “WOW” experience for the viewer.

The Solution?

When working on creating content ask yourself what you can offer that is relevant to the topic and could add value to the consumer. If you are writing a blog about how downtown is amazing recommend some restaurants and attractions. If you’re telling people about preparing to list their home, share a checklist of things to make sure to consider to touch up before listing their home. These little extra touches go a long way!

Common Mistake #4. Are you using the Right Platform?

Understanding where your content will work best is one of the keys to maximizing your social media presence and reach.

Many agents post everything everywhere without catering their message to be maximized for each platform.

The Solution?

Overall, you should create a balance of business and personal on your social media channels to give your following a well-rounded view of who you are! Showcasing business and person people start to feel like they know you and are more likely to do business with someone they know. Here is a quick breakdown of ways to use different social channels.
Instagram: Use to provide insight to your personal life while still showcasing what you do. Using Instagram stories is a great way to showcase your personality and who you are. On instagram try not to use direct “Sales Pitching”
Youtube: is all about high quality video content. Youtube is great if you have educational content you want to share with others outside your sphere of influence. Youtube is also a great place to host property videos as well.
Facebook: has become more utilitarian where you can see everything from funny fail videos, to business related content. Both items are appropriate on the platform however remember that if you are liking and commenting on content that doesn’t match your brand could devalue you and your brand in a clients eyes.
Twitter: is great for real-time updates, short thoughts, and personal. It is great for mixing business and personal.
LinkedIn: is all about business. You should use LinkedIn to share your knowledge and build your brand as an industry authority.